How to install GPR-SLICE

Congratulations on your purchase of a GPR-SLICE licence or demo.

Installation requires specific steps that must be followed in order; it may take you a few days to finish the installation. We suggest you print this page so you can easily tick off what you have done.

  1. First, log into your account (if you haven’t already). Your account username and password are those you set when you ordered your licence/demo. By default, the username is the email address used when placing the order. If you don’t know the login details, please contact us.
  2. Visit the My Downloads page within your account to download the GPR-SLICE installer. You can also download the user manual here too, if you wish.
  3. Run the GPR-SLICE_setup.exe file and follow the on-screen prompts to install the software. By default, GPR-SLICE should be installed into C:\slice\v7.0\. Later steps require you to make alterations to files in this directory. If you have chosen to install GPR-SLICE elsewhere, you will need to use the directory you chose instead.
  4. GPR-SLICE and GPRSIM require a USB security key be plugged into your computer when operating the software. You should receive this USB key up to two weeks after placing your order. Do not have the USB key plugged in for the following steps.
  5. Run the USB security key driver setup program at C:\slice\v7.0\CBUsetup.exe.
  6. Reboot your computer. If you have the USB security key, you can plug it in now (don’t worry if you don’t have it yet; you can continue following these steps anyway). If you have plugged in the USB key, Windows will run its usual “installing new hardware” routine. This generally takes a minute.
  7. If you have bought a paid licence for GPR-SLICE (not a demo), you will receive a new license.dat file via email within two business days of your payment being received. Copy this file into C:\slice\v7.0\, overwriting any existing file that may be there. If you have signed up for a demo licence instead, you won’t need a new license.dat file, and you can ignore this step.
  8. Next, install the latest updates to the software by following the update guide here.
  9. With the USB key plugged into your computer, you should now be able to run GPR-SLICE!

If you’re having troubles running GPR-SLICE and you performed the above steps correctly, please see the list of system requirements and troubleshooting options after the list of help topics over at the GPR-SLICE help page. If you still cannot open GPR-SLICE, please contact us for help.

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To purchase GPR-SLICE software, please see here.