GPR-SLICE tutorial video: How to update GPR-SLICE

GPR-SLICE is updated regularly – usually every week or so (and sometimes even several updates per week!). We don’t announce every update, as that’d get annoying very quickly. Instead, updates are posted online. A quarterly GPR-SLICE newsletter – emailed to all GPR-SLICE subscribers – highlights major updates.

Please update your software by going to and download the first two linked .ZIP update files (the big “Download File Now” links at the top) – these are the main program update files and the “library update” files. Extract their contents into C:\slice\7.0\, overwriting any older files. You may need to enter a password for these .ZIP files; you can obtain the password by contacting us (you should also have received this password in your “welcome to GPR-SLICE” email when you first signed up for the software).

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