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You may email Dave the Grave Hunter at any time via david.hunter [ at ]

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Dave’s mobile: 0488 501 261.

Postal mail

Hunter Geophysics, PO Box 1445, Central Park, VIC 3145, Australia

For price enquiries and quotations

If you are interested in a written quotation for a search for unmarked graves, please see this page, which provides a list of all the information we require. When you are ready, please contact us via the above methods.

Please note that we no longer offer a buried utility/pipe/cable detection service (we can, though, teach you how to use GPR for this purpose). If you require a buried utility detection service, we recommend contacting Dial Before You Dig, as they maintain a register of certified utility locators.

For GPR-SLICE pricing, please see Please note that we cannot provide pricing via phone or email; you will need to answer the questions at that website to see the price (the price varies based on the answers you provide and on currency exchange rates, so it isn’t feasible for us to provide a price via any other method). Feel free to contact us if you have other questions about the software, of course!

For all other queries, please contact us via the above methods.