Refund policy and terms of sales

Our refund policy is simple: we will comply with any statutory requirements for refunds, repairs, or replacements, as covered by Australian consumer law.

Refunds are not available for our training workshops after they have been attended, or less than seven days before the workshop is scheduled (as we incur up-front costs to pay for catering and venue hire in the week leading up to a workshop). We also do not provide refunds for those who simply do not show up to a workshop.

To request a refund, repair, or replacement of anything we have sold, please contact us.

If you believe your credit card has been incorrectly charged, please contact us. You may also wish to contact your credit card issuer/bank.

If you are purchasing a licence for GPR-SLICE or GPRSIM software: you agree to indemnify David Hunter, Hunter Geophysics, and the Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory against any liability for any loss or damage (physical/material or otherwise), any loss of income, or any other detrimental or negative outcome arising from your use of the software. You also agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement provided by the Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory, which can be found in your software installation directory in a file called “legalagreement.txt”. To receive a copy of this file prior to purchasing the software, please contact Hunter Geophysics.

If you are purchasing a licence for GPR-SLICE or GPRSIM, you will be issued a USB security key. Please note that these are provided as a loan to you for the duration of your paid software licence. They remain the property of Hunter Geophysics at all times. If you decide not to renew your software licence when it expires, you will need to return the USB security key to us. Please return it to us within 30 days of the expiration of your licence. Failure to return the USB key will incur a $300AUD replacement invoice/charge.

By making a purchase through our website, you agree to our privacy policy.