Our Publications

N.B.: Some geophysical survey reports and other documents may be made available for public distribution through our online archive.


Article on the detection of unmarked graves using geophysics for the Genealogical Society of Victoria’s magazine, ‘Ancestor’ (Vol 30, issue 6 – June, July, August 2011).

Geophysical technique suitability chart for archaeology and grave detection (distributed at the AAA 2010 conference) (December, 2010).

Paper on Seismology, by David Hunter (November, 2010)

Australian Archaeological Association 2010 poster – ‘A Review of Archaeological Geophysics in Australia’, by David Hunter (November, 2010).

Paper on the basics of Ground Penetrating Radar, by David Hunter (November, 2010).

Paper on Chinese funerary practices within Colonial Victoria, by David Hunter (October, 2010)