GPR-SLICE software

Put simply, GPR-SLICE is the best software available for processing, displaying, and interpreting ground-penetrating radar data. We use it ourselves for our own consulting work, and we sell annual licences and provide training for the software as well.

Don’t take our word for it – check out what our clients are doing with the software in the GPR-SLICE Facebook group.

As used by GSB Prospection of the great British archaeology programme ‘Time Team‘. Examples of their processed GPR data here.

We also offer no-obligation one-month demonstration licenses so that you can use GPR-SLICE in your workflow before you commit to purchasing a licence.

Refer to this brochure for an explanation of GPR-SLICE’s capabilities and prices, or refer to this brochure to get a glimpse of some work we have done using GPR-SLICE. There’s also a separate brochure available for the optional BridgeDeck module, which provides specialist tools for those working on concrete, rebar surveys, and roads/bridges, including automatic detection of hyperbolas for rapid rebar mapping.

GPR-SLICE has every feature you can think of, and if you think of a new feature, the developer will implement it if there is enough demand.

A free three-hour training session is provided via Skype with your first licence. There is also an extensive PDF user manual, and a growing series of training videos and guides (new videos are being released throughout 2017).

We also provide two-day GPR-SLICE workshops for those who want to get the most out of the software. We recommend typical users attend the workshop after a month or so of using GPR-SLICE, when they are familiar with the basic operation of the software.

Features List

System Requirements

30-Day Demonstration


Specific features include:

  • Compatibility with just about every GPR system ever made. If you have some really obscure system that isn’t listed below, we’re keen to see it and make the software compatible with your system.
  • Compatibility with GPS and total station navigation data (including RTK GNSS receiver data), and the ability to filter low-quality data (e.g. for GPS fallout).
  • Georeferencing data based on GPS or total station data collected alongside GPR data, or by providing the coordinates of survey grid corners or the ends of each survey line.
  • Full gridded-survey and non-gridded survey support. Depth slices can still be created even if you don’t use a regular survey line spacing (as long as you have navigation data for each line).
  • An extensive selection of data-processing and signal filtering routines.
  • 2D and 3D visualisation of GPR data.
  • Topographic correction, antenna tilt, and roll, pitch, and yaw correction.
  • Support for the display of non-GPR datasets that are provided in an XYZ file format. Specific support is provided for resistivity and magnetometry data, but any XYZ data can be imported and visualised with the system.
  • Draw interpretations directly onto GPR data and export the interpretations into a CAD file for use in site mapping.
  • Automated processing routines can be set by the user for batch processing of datasets.
  • Export processed GPR data for display alongside laser scanning/point cloud data in third-party software packages.

Given the vast array of features and options available, the software is complex. A free three-hour training session is provided via Skype with your first licence. Additional training is also available.

The GPR-SLICE user manual provides detailed information about the various processing, visualisation, and interpretation methods that are provided by the software. The user manual can be downloaded from here.

System requirements:

  • The latest version of Microsoft Windows (desktop version, not Windows Mobile).
  • The latest version of Microsoft’s .NET Framework (the current version, v4.5.2, is compatible. Earlier versions may be compatible, but it’s best to update if possible).
  • A dedicated Nvidia graphics card is strongly recommended. The more memory on the graphics card, the better. Please note well that other graphics card manufacturers do not provide OpenGL support as well as Nvidia; GPR-SLICE relies on OpenGL, so we strongly recommend you have an Nvidia graphics card.
  • Minimum of 2GB of RAM for use by GPR-SLICE (my idling Windows 8 installation is using 2GB of RAM on its own, so to run GPR-SLICE, I would need 4GB of RAM minimum, assuming no other software is open in the background). More RAM = faster processing and greater stability. (N.B.: GPR-SLICE is a 32-bit application, so it cannot currently use more than 4GB of RAM anyway). Essentially, the more RAM and graphics memory the computer has, the faster it will process and render data in the OpenGL environment.
  • A USB security key needs to be plugged into the computer whenever the software is being run, so the computer will need a USB port. The security key requires its own driver software, which is provided alongside the GPR-SLICE installation files.
  • You will need a free Dropbox account to access the software and updates.
  • GPR-SLICE will operate on a desktop version of Windows (i.e. not on Windows Mobile), as long as there is sufficient memory for the GPR data that is being processed within GPR-SLICE. For example, if you have collected GPR data over an area of 20 x 20m, then the memory requirements will be much less than if you had collected GPR data over a 100 x 100m area. Essentially, the more RAM and graphics memory the computer has, the faster it will process and render data in the OpenGL environment.
  • GPR-SLICE uses OpenGL for rendering three-dimensional datasets. Nvidia graphics cards seem to have the best support for OpenGL, so we recommend users have a dedicated Nvidia graphics card. This isn’t a vital requirement, but it is strongly recommended. GPR-SLICE is more stable when run on a computer with an Nvidia card.
  • It is possible to run GPR-SLICE on Apple’s OS X using virtualisation software such as Parallels or VMWare. Please note that we do not provide support for virtualisation. GPR-SLICE is only supported on native installations of the latest desktop version of the Microsoft Windows operating system.


A 30-day demo is available!


GPR-SLICE uses a USB security key; this USB key must be plugged into the computer whenever GPR-SLICE is being used.
We are happy to provide you with a 30-day demonstration licence of GPR-SLICE if you would like to test the software before committing to buying a licence. However, we will need to send you a USB security key in the mail, and as these are rather valuable, we will need to charge you a refundable up-front fee of $300AUD, plus a non-refundable additional fee to cover the postage of the key to you (note that keys are sent via FedEx for those outside Australia; this usually costs $200-$400AUD, depending on your location (please note: you will be responsible for any importing fees or local taxes). Shipping within Australia is via Australia Post and usually costs around $20AUD). The $300AUD fee is fully refundable at the end of the 30-day demonstration, but only if the security key is returned to us intact should you decide not to buy a one-year GPR-SLICE licence at the end of your 30-day demonstration (the variable shipping fees are not refundable). Alternatively, this $300AUD fee can go towards your first year’s licence costs.




GPR-SLICE is offered via annual licences. The following prices are the annual fees for small businesses, educational institutions (e.g. universities), and non-profit organisations, and are subject to change (although haven’t for the last four years). Pricing is also available upon request for larger businesses with more than three users.
GPR-SLICE base system (first year only)
$1,955.15 USD.
GPR-SLICE base system (following years)
$1,890 USD per year.
GPR-SLICE base system + multi-channel + BridgeDeck
$3,244.50 USD per year.
GPR-SLICE base system + multi-channel + BridgeDeck + GPR-SIM
$3,724 USD per year.
GPR-SLICE base system + BridgeDeck
$2,328.75 USD per year.
GPR-SLICE base system + BridgeDeck + GPR-SIM
$2,887.65 USD per year.
Pricing is also available for GPR-SIM, a separate program that allows users to simulate radargrams based on known soil conditions.


Please complete the below form to make an enquiry or to obtain pricing. Please ensure you include your postal address and PayPal email address if you wish to go ahead with a software demo.


GPR-SLICE user sign-up form
Needed for FedEx shipment of USB security key. Please include country code and local area code.