GPR-SLICE tutorial video: XY info file and grid math

In this video, I explain how to import and correctly plot GPR data that has been collected in two separate sets of lines that are perpendicular to each other using GPR-SLICE. This is known as an XY dataset.

Update 12th March 2019: there is an error in this video specific to dual-frequency systems (this example video uses GSSI DF data).

The solution is...

After creating the info file and doing info editing, you need to press the “Separate DF” button in the edit info menu. This will create infoa.dat and infob.dat, which correspond to the two frequencies transmitted by the GPR.


A new video will be produced when I get home to Melbourne in early May. If you need help with this before the new video is created, please contact David and he’ll try to help you.

After watching this video, we highly recommend you proceed to the introduction to GPR-SLICE video to learn how to actually perform filters on your GPR data.

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