GPR-SLICE tutorial video: processing drone-mounted Radarteam GPR data in GPR-SLICE

In this video, I explain how to process ground-penetrating radar data collected with a Radarteam-brand GPR antenna that was mounted on a drone/UAV/aircraft, and collected with GPS data.

Please note that Radarteam is a relatively new brand and their firmware seems to be changing rapidly. These instructions are correct at the time of recording, but may be outdated soon thereafter if Radarteam have changed their file format since the video was created.

If you are using a low-frequency antenna (e.g. a 50-100MHz antenna) and collecting GPR data that is extending deep into the ground (e.g. more than five metres deep), the procedure should be slightly different than what is shown in the above video.

Instead, you need to increase the number of slices (in order to decrease slice thickness to something more suitable) and you also need to change some of the gridding parameters (based on your specific flight line-spacing). This is shown in the following video. This is shown in the following video:

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