Hello, again, world!

Welcome to the fifth incarnation of the Hunter Geophysics website.

I am hoping that this layout will be around for years to come. This new website is powered by WordPress (the blogging software), so allows quick editing of the website. The main reason for changing the website yet again was because it used to take a day of coding just to change one page. Further, the layout and colour scheme were simply terrible in previous designs.

Anyway, the photograph above each page is of the Tilba District Cemetery, on the southern New South Wales coast (update 3rd April 2016: the photo has since been changed to a photo of the back of our car…)(update 20th April 2019: now it’s a photo of the Smeaton Cemetery in Victoria). Hunter Geophysics were there last week (on the way home from our survey at the nearby Wallaga Lake Aboriginal Cemetery) to inspect the site ahead of a possible survey – here’s hoping that gets approved! (update 3rd April 2016: we didn’t end up getting that gig…). As the Cemetery Secretary said when we were on site, it’s nothing short of paradise.

Speaking of our survey at Wallaga Lake, the attached image shows a towed GPR system comprised of sixteen ground-penetrating radar channels. This allows the collection of sixteen lines of data simultaneously (so surveys are effectively sixteen times faster than with standard single-channel cart-based systems). Brilliant!

David Staveley, author of the geophysics processing freeware ‘Snuffler’, has requested that I make a blog post about ground-penetrating radar and the processing of GPR data, so that’s what is up next in this new blog. But feel free to leave any specific questions or ideas for future posts in the comments section.

Take care,

Dave “the grave” Hunter

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