Episode 5: laser engineer, geophysicist, teacher, and pilot Dr Zara Dennis

Zara Dennis has lived a hugely-varied life, and she’s only just getting started. In 2016, Zara combined her passions for science, flying, and teaching, and created a new educational outreach programme known as SciFly. Zara flies to rural schools throughout Australia, spreading the joy that is STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

SciFly’s website can be found at www.sciflystemoutreach.com.au

Check out the Southern Hemisphere Aurora Group on Facebook if you are interested in the Aurora Australis.

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Special thanks to Andrew Klapton for providing the fantastic photograph of the Aurora Australis taken from a cemetery; with Andrew’s permission, we are now using this photograph as the podcast’s cover image. Thanks, Andrew!

The Aurora Underground podcast artwork. Photograph by Andrew Klapton.
The Aurora Underground podcast artwork. Photograph by Andrew Klapton.

GPR-SLICE tutorial video: automated horizon/layer detection and mapping

This tutorial explains how to detect buried horizons and map the depth to sub-surface layers in GPR-SLICE. This is useful for mapping concrete slab thickness and depth to bedrock or potentiometric surfaces (e.g. the water table).

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