Hunter Geophysics provide several key products for sale:

  • GPR-SLICE ground-penetrating radar data processing and visualisation software.
  • GPS and total station reflector prism mounts for ground-penetrating radar systems.
  • Electronic cable locator induction clamp extension poles for clamping onto overhead cables (so you don’t have to carry a ladder around all the time).


GPS/TS mounts for GPR systems are tailor-manufactured specifically to suit a particular GPR system. You’ll need to bring your GPR unit to us in Melbourne so we can determine the best way of mounting your GPS or total station prism.

Electronic cable locator induction clamp extension poles provide extra reach for your induction clamps so you don’t have to climb up a ladder to clamp onto a power-pole, other overhead cable, or low-hanging streetlights. Again, these are tailor-made to suit your specific induction clamp.

Both GPR systems and induction clamps can be sent to us via courier or delivered in-person to our office in Melbourne. Call David Hunter on 0488 501 261 to discuss your options.