iOnTheSky CNN image harvester

Hunter Geophysics is attempting to build the world’s first aurora-forecasting AI.

To do this, it needs an extremely large collection of aurora photographs (which are used to train a deep-learning convolutional neural network). This was announced in detail in the Southern Hemisphere Aurora Group in late November 2018.

The CNN will ultimately be used to detect specific types of aurora (and other features) in iOnTheSky camera footage.

The below form allows you to upload your images into the CNN’s image database.

If you’re looking for AutoGAAG, the rapid means for posting aurora alerts into the Global Aurora Alerts Group, click here.


If you don’t know what some of these things mean, please review the list at this web page.

iOnTheSky CNN image harvester

This form is for submitting photos for training the iOnTheSky CNN.

It will NOT post into the Global Aurora Alerts Group. Click here if you want to make an aurora report in GAAG.

Maximum upload size: 15MB

If you chose the wrong photograph, press the small X next to your image (above) and choose a different photo.

Please tick all that you can see in your photo.

If you don't know what some of these things mean, please review the list at this web page.


This form will do the following:
-Ask for a photo
-Ask you what you can see in the photo.
-The photo and what you report as being visible will be sent to an iOnTheSky database, where it will be entered into an archive and will be used to improve the iOnTheSky system and aurora forecasting accuracy.
-Your photograph may also be used to improve the iOnTheSky system and/or make new features possible.
-You agree that any improvements to the iOnTheSky system and any resulting features or datasets will remain the intellectual property of David Hunter/Hunter Geophysics/iOnTheSky. Your photo will, of course, remain your own intellectual property.

Note: your images will not be published anywhere unless you specifically agree to such under a separate agreement. You also agree to the Hunter Geophysics privacy policy, which can be found here:

By continuing to use this form, you provide consent for the above to occur. You also acknowledge that you are the owner and creator of the files/photos you provide when using this system.

To opt out, simply close this browser window.
If you agree to these terms, tick this box, and then press the "submit" button, below.