Episode 3: engineering, programming, and aurora forecasting with Carl Gruber


Carl Gruber is a mechanical engineer-turned-programmer and aurora forecaster. Ian Musgrave takes up his new role as our “astrono-porter” (astronomy reporter) and fills us in on what’s happening in the night sky for the rest of August, 2016.

Please see www.auroraaustralis.space for forecasting workshop tickets and to join the Southern Hemisphere Aurora Group on Facebook.

If you would like to make any suggestions for future episodes of the podcast, or any constructive criticism, please send Dave an email.

Episode 2: A Conversation With Aaron Stanley

Aaron Stanley is an aircraft mechanic-turned-meteorologist and aurora photographer. He’s currently living at Davis Station, Antarctica, supporting the Bureau of Meteorology’s Upper Air Programme.

His website (with awesome aurora photographs!) can be viewed here.

David Hunter will be running Aurora Australis forecasting and introductory photography workshops on 27th and 28th August. These will be the first in a series of such workshops that will be held throughout the nation over the coming months. Further details and ticket sales will be available via our website by the 20th July.

David was interviewed for the Astrophiz Podcast earlier today. The interview will be posted at some point during the week commencing 20th July (all going to plan). You can check out the Astrophiz Podcast at their website.

Finally, some more exciting news. We have established a new Facebook group specifically for those interested in receiving David’s aurora predictions (and general aurora chat and networking). It’s called the ‘Southern Hemisphere Aurora Group’ and can be found here.


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