GPR-SLICE multichannel upgrade

$1,100.00 inc. GST/VAT.



This product is an add-on upgrade for our popular GPR-SLICE ground-penetrating radar data processing and visualisation software.

This page is only for existing users. If you do not already have a GPR-SLICE licence (or if your licence is expiring and you need to renew your licence) please see the main GPR-SLICE page.


The multi-channel upgrade enables specific features in GPR-SLICE designed to allow processing of GPR data from multi-channel (multiple-antenna) GPR array systems such as the Mala MIRA and ImpulseRadar Raptor systems.


This product is intended for those who wish to upgrade their existing licence to include the multichannel add-on.

This product entitles the purchaser to use the multi-channel add-on until the earlier of either one year from the date of purchase, or until their existing GPR-SLICE licence expires.