GPR Training for cable locators


This service is no longer available.

Hunter Geophysics provides training in the collection of ground-penetrating radar data specifically for Telstra Accredited Plant Locators (APLs) (“buried cable/ultillity locators”).

The workshop is run over two days and teaches APLs everything they need to know about how ground-penetrating radar works and how, when, and why to use it, and when not to use it. You will also be taught how to interpret radar data, and will be shown tricks geophysicists use that will make your jobs easier, faster, and more reliable. A specific module will provide training on how to locate non-metallic objects and services such as PVC pipes.

The workshops are held throughout Australia.

Workshops can either be one-on-one tailored training for your specific needs (held at your workplace), or you can join a group class and learn alongside other Telstra APLs.

The cost of the workshop depends on whether or not it’s one-on-one training or if it’s a group class. Contact us for further details.


Please note: while Hunter Geophysics staff are Telstra APLs, the workshop itself is not recognised by Telstra. Hunter Geophysics is not a Registered Training Organisation, either. We’re simply experts in our field and wish to teach others how to use ground-penetrating radar properly.