Global Aurora Sighting Map site submission

Have you seen the aurora from a site that’s not already on the Global Aurora Sighting Map? Here’s the place to submit your site!


Please follow the below instructions to get your site added to the map.
1. On a computer (not a mobile phone/tablet), go to Google Maps.

2. Find the site and zoom in the map as far as you can. Make sure the place you saw the aurora is in the centre of the map.

3. In your web browser’s address bar, copy the maps URL (website link) as shown highlighted by the red arrow below:


4. Fill in the below form, and paste the URL from step 3 into the form, and then complete and submit the form. We will receive your information and add the site to the map within a week. (We’re working on making this automated, but we’re not quite there yet…)

Aurora viewing location map site submission
(e.g. street or town name, or some other name)
(Here you can add in information such as safety notices, how to find a hard-to-find place, best local places for food or fuel, etc. The more handy information you provide, the better the map is for everyone, so feel free to add a lot of information!)
(Enter the Google Maps URL here; refer to the above instructions!)
(So we know what to call you if we need to email you to clarify some things.)
(Just so we can contact you if there is a problem adding your site to the map.)
(This helps fight spam)

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